Review: Tummy Saver Reflective Dog Vest by Pointer Specialties

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October 18, 2011 by saltdogsducttape

In the short time that I have been upland bird hunting, one of the things I have found necessary to working with my dog is his blaze orange vest.  When he is working in dense cover and visibility is low it makes it really easy to see him.  Bird season also coincides with deer season.  While I trust other hunters to be responsible and my dog has a bell around his neck while he’s hunting, it just makes me feel better knowing he has a vest on.

A couple weeks ago while hunting Hudson managed to lose his vest.  It was a simple cape style vest with a Velcro strap around the collar and the belly.  To replace it I upgraded him to a doggie skid plate.  We live on about 200 acres and that’s where I do a majority of my hunting.  Most of the land was used at one time for farming and there is still some old barbed wire around, so protecting Hudson’s chest was important.
This dog vest has been really good so far.  It’s very bright, easy to see when the dog is in cover.  The majority of the fabric is not visible though; only three small strips can actually be seen.  This vest also features Velcro straps, which concerns me.  So far they seem strong, but I think that plastic buckles might be more secure in the long run.  I was also concerned with the material rubbing under the dog’s arms.  The design seems to avoid this problem by not running the thickest material to the edge near the arms.  Hudson wore this on a pretty strenuous 6.7-mile hike up Camels Hump with no signs of rubbing.  I also never had to readjust the vest.

Overall this is a really good product.  It’s very visible and easy to see.  It stays on the dog securely.  Most importantly it does what I bought it for and protects the dogs stomach from getting scratched up.  Hopefully he doesn’t lose this one too.

I have two complaints.  First, where the Velcro closures overlap there is about an inch of extra material that is loose and sticks up.  It looks like it might be able to catch a branch and come undone.  That hasn’t happened yet.  The other complaint is that while the vest is very bright, there just isn’t much of that’s visible.


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