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September 24, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

Welcome to salt, dogs, and duct tape!  This is my forum to write about things that interest me and things I do.  Feel free to comment on any of the posts and let me know what you think!  I think it’s fairly obvious from the name that some of the posts will be about cooking, some of the post will be about life with my dogs, and very, very few of the posts will actually be about duct tape.

Since graduating law school I have a good deal more free time.  With that free time I am realizing I have no more excuses not to get in better shape.  I played sports in high school and played club level sports in college and law school.  Outside of that, I never spent much time on fitness.  Gyms are boring and after a run I can eat whatever I want.  That was my approach.

The more I have been reading and talking to friends, my idea is to give crossfit a shot.  For those who don’t know, crossfit brands itself as “the sport of fitness.”  As I mentioned, I recently graduated law school and because of that I am severely underemployed.  Joining a gym at the moment is out.  So I found a sixteen day, bodyweight, at home, crossfit routine.  I’m on day four, which is thankfully a rest day.  Check it out and join me!  I’ll post updates as it goes, leave me comments about how you’re doing!

Does crossfit make you  better skier?



One thought on “New blog! New stuff to write about!

  1. […] was the return to CrossFit. For the first month of my workout routine (and this blog) I followed the two week starter I talked about in the first post on this blog. I followed that routine twice, first time just to get into it and the second time to compare my […]

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