Living the small town, urban dream.

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October 2, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

A lot of things come to mind when you think of Montana. Big Sky Country is the theme of the state. Ranching and farming are time honored traditions. One of the things that does not come to mind is urban living. This is the first time I have had what I can call an urban lifestyle. Before moving to Montana we were living in a rural Vermont farmhouse and there were more cows on our street than people.

When we decided to leave Vermont we were apprehensive about many things. Living in a big city was one of them. The idea of living in an apartment, crowded in with a bunch of other people was not appealing. The thought seemed all the more impossible having two dogs. We were excited about some aspects of living in a more populated area, we just wanted to do it on our terms.


Our bustling Western Montana metropolis

That didn’t really happen. We’re living in an apartment, a second floor apartment what’s worse! Moving into an apartment was something of a last resort. We were concerned our dogs wouldn’t get exercise. They’re actually getting more exercise because I can’t just let them out the backdoor anymore. They get about a mile walk twice a day, and maybe a trip to the park. As a result, I’m walking more. I am also riding my bike much more, at least two miles a day on my commute. Being close to downtown events, the river, breweries (this town loves breweries), work, farmers markets. Living where we are, while it has it’s downsides, has been a great introduction to urban living. I have also lost a good bit of weight by using muscles, not motors, to get around. Something I didn’t have the opportunity to do before.


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