In the land of three seasons.

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October 4, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

People the world over will say that fall is their favorite season. The colors, the weather, the holidays, pumpkin pie and mulled wine. Sounds pretty darn good. I grew up in North Central Florida, and while many of you will say that winter and fall don’t exist in Florida you’re wrong. This isn’t about Florida though. It’s about fall. The time of year when the nights cool off, the sun is warm, and the sky is clear. It is an amazing time of year in Vermont when the leaves change and grouse season starts. We were very sad that we would miss that this year.


Golden leaves on my commute helped ease the longing.

Oh the colors! It was something of a relief to know that even though I was two thousand miles away I would have some sense of a Vermont fall, even if it was somewhat diluted. And then this happened.


Winter is coming

Just like that, fall was over. We got a whole three days of it. I know this was something of a freak snow storm, and everyone in town says that we’ll get some fall weather before winter really sets in. Something about snow in early October throws off my clock. We usually brew an oatmeal stout right after the first snow that sticks. People say we’ll still get some fall weather, but so far, that snow has stuck.


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