Motivation and needy dogs

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October 7, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

I have never been one to enjoy working out. In the past when I went to the gym I usually didn’t have any idea what I was doing and my routines were half hearted at best. Predictably I never really saw the results that I wanted and I lost motivation to go to the the gym at all. This dance has happened several times over the last four years. Often there were several reasons for this sequence; the attitude in the gym, my lack of knowledge, not having a proper routine, and what I’ve realized now is a lack of measurable goals. Part of the mindset that CrossFit promotes is goal setting. Using performance based measures, CrossFit provides goals that are attainable daily and easy to identify.

I just finished the sixteen day body weight program that I posted earlier. Every workout in the program is timed or for max reps. Using this system it is easy to see performance improve as the program goes on. Now that I’m done, I’ll start again and be able to measure my improvements by comparing my times. Instead of worrying about body weight or what you look like in the mirror, measuring performance gains can show you if your routine is actually working. The idea is that if you performance improves things like looking good by the pool, or where ever you take your shirt off, will take care of itself. I gotta say, I’ve been more motivated to workout, and fight through the end of an awful workout than during any other attempt to get fit. Here is a good guest post about what performance based goals are all about.

The weather has turned here in Western Montana. Yesterday morning when I was contemplating going for a run, which was scheduled as part of my program, it was 21 degree. Finding motivation to get up and run in the bitting cold is a difficult thing. I was able to get up and run thanks in part to timing everything to measure performance. That and needy dogs who wanted to go on a run too.


Adrienne and I head to head this week in fantasy football, it wasn’t pretty. Watching football all day is a hunger went inducing activity. We were pretty healthy about it. Hummus dip with feta cheese, green olives, cucumbers, bell peppers, and fresh dill. And then the kettle corn came out.



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