Setting some goals


October 8, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

In light of yesterdays post about motivation, I thought it would be good to come up with some goals. One of the things I have liked about CrossFit, and one of the reasons I will likely stick with it, is that performance based goals provide motivation. If your goal is to run a faster 5K or improve your time on a benchmark WOD (workouts proscribed by CrossFit HQ), getting closer to those goals will tell you about your improvement. Opposed to a goal like “I want to look good with my shirt off,” which could be achieved with out any performance gains, or at least with out measuring performance gains.

All this talk goals and gains and measures got me thinking about my goals. Since graduating law school, partly because I have more time and partly because I no longer have an excuse, getting in better shape has become more of a priority. So far so good, but why? What are my goals? So here goes. Some of these can be done before Christmas, some are year long, some are lifestyle goals, and some may never get done.
1) Run a 24minute 5K2) Get back to size 34 pants (I’m close but tired of having to try on two pairs of pants)3) Take two minutes of my 100 burpee time4) Ski the Canyon at Mad River Glen without stopping (falling doesn’t count)5) Join a CrossFit box (gym)6) Full time employment (did I mention this list was in no particular order)7) Run a half marathon (not really but I signed up for one so I’m trying to get motivated)8) Complete a benchark WOD within six months9) Bake bread once a week10) Eat vegan two days a week11) Enter a national homebrew competition 12) Be able to grab a basketball rim again13) Learn to double haul14) Read one book a month (that’s a floor not a ceiling)
That’s my list for now. It is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a start.
Cold days call for hot soup!


Left over from last night we have barley, carrots, celery, and leek soup.

Adrienne is a long time vegetarian. I am a part time vegetarian. Usually making dinner together means vegetarian. Tonight we both got a little something we like. We make kung pow chicken/tofu. It was pretty simple, same veggies, separate pans. Organic, boneless, skinless chicken breast was nearly $8 at the market, bone in was closer to $3 a pound. Saved some money by using two minutes of work.


2 thoughts on “Setting some goals

  1. Eliza says:

    Did you guys enter the run around Seeley Lake in February? (Or at least I think that is one Adrienne mentioned to me.) Looks like a blast! Go Evan go!

    • saltdogsducttape says:

      Yep we did! So not only do I have to get excited about running a half, I have to get excited about running a half in the cold and snow and ice.

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