Change is bound to happen


October 10, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

I didn’t get a workout in today. I tried. I tried to get up early, but it’s pitch black and hard to get up here. Even though I live in Western Montana, I work on Central time so early is a little earlier. I came home from work with every intention of getting in a workout, I took the dogs for a run (kind of a workout). Dogs are taken care of and then I had to run downtown to see about a job. Now we’re cooking dinner and I’ve had at least one beer and the day might as well be over. Tomorrow I have every intention of waking up early and getting in not one, but two workouts (morning and afternoon)! Stay tuned for updates.

Since high school I have not had a workout routine. I’ve played on several ultimate teams, had regular exercise, had a gym membership, but all of it was fairly ad-hoc. There was no real structure. I’m telling you this because this being the first time in a while that I have followed a workout schedule, this was also the first time I’ve been disappointed in missing a workout. To say it’s been a struggle would be a severe overstatement, maybe the overstatement of the year. But there have been challenges. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise and proper nutrition and being a “normal” person isn’t easy. I’m working at it though. We eat pretty healthy already (I don’t keep track of what I eat, if I did I might not make that statement). Changing from an “exercise when I feel fat” lifestyle to an “exercise routine” lifestyle will take some getting used to. So far it’s been a good change, but still a change.


I mentioned last week at the farmers market that I did not like eggplant. Adrienne has been making eggplant ever since to help me change my mind. Tonight was a Yemenite eggplant casserole.


2 thoughts on “Change is bound to happen

  1. Jes says:

    It really looks good over pasta–definitely going to have to do that next time!

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