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October 19, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

I’ve talked before about having measurable goals as part of a successful workout routine. So far it’s been really helpful for me to time my workouts, having a ticking clock provides a lot of motivation to work faster. Keeping a log of times gives me a measure to evaluate my progress.

After I finished my two week workout routine I started over again at day one so I could compare my times. Fore the first half of the program I was seeing great results. I improved my times on every workout and felt like I was preforming at a higher level than the first time I went through the routine.
Everything was fun and games until I got days seven and nine (eight was a rest day). I added nearly a minute both of those workouts. As much of a let down as those two days were, they provided a moment of reflection simply achieving a lower time. Thinking back to day seven, I could have worked harder on the first three rounds, because my fourth round was the fastest. On day nine, I think I did it wrong the first time. This time around I felt faster, felt stronger, and didn’t break as long. This is one of the reasons that really like timing my workouts. Without comparing times on day nine, I would have thought that the second time was a better workout, even though it took longer. Or I would not have realized that I did two rounds instead of three the first time.

For dinner the other night we had orange chicken with broccoli and brown rice (Adrienne had orange tempeh). Most of the time we eat vegetarian because it’s easier than preparing two separate meals. Chinese take-out favorites are pretty easy because we can use the same preparation for meat and vegetarian versions.


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