Now leaving the comfort zone.

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October 26, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

Many things have changed in the past three months. Graduation, job search, moving across the country, moving again, still job searching. Doing all of this involved crossing a line, so to speak. Stepping out of a comfort zone. On top of that, I’ve been trying to establish a consistent workout routine. With all this going on, my workout times have become one of the things I can control. Since I started following this plan a month ago, I’ve gotten really comfortable with the exercises and look forward to them every day.

Maybe I’ve gotten too comfortable though. When I started last month, all the movements seemed awkward, I was sore, and I saw almost immediate changes. While I am still pushing myself every workout, most of that soreness and awkwardness is gone.

Maybe that’s a bad thing. In two of my workouts last week, my last round was as fast or faster than my first. I would like to think that I’m just that good, but what I really think it is is that I was too comfortable in those middle sets. Keeping that in mind yesterday I improved my time by nearly five minutes in a difficult workout.

I credit Adrienne with helping to point out this workout comfort zone. I have been running a good bit lately and feeling pretty good about it. Mostly on the bike path in town, pretty flat, paved, and fast. Then Adrienne wanted me to go on a trail run with her and the dogs. Sure, I’m a good runner. After the first climb I realized I was very uncomfortable, and that was a good thing. The reason I got to the point where I needed to have scheduled workouts was being comfortable. Change ins’t easy, and it shouldn’t be comfortable either.

Dinner last night was pizza! I’m getting pretty proud of my dough recipe. I’ve been working on getting it right for about three years now and am finally getting really consistent results. Good fluffy crust, and a crispy bottom that doesn’t droop when you pick it up. We had some left over leeks and got some great looking chantrelle mushrooms at the farmers market. Instead of sauce we used olive oil with some chopped sage and rosemary.


We also had a little snow storm last night. Down here in the valley it’s starting to melt but the snow pack is building in the mountains!



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