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November 5, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

I took the weekend off from CrossFit. I didn’t take the weekend off, just no CrossFit. The plan for the weekend originally included a 5k (Adrienne was planning on a 10K) but plans frequently change. So instead we took the dogs on a pretty great trail run. And as a reward made pumpkin waffles with maple whipped cream.

Today was the return to CrossFit. For the first month of my workout routine (and this blog) I followed the two week starter I talked about in the first post on this blog. I followed that routine twice, first time just to get into it and the second time to compare my results. I took time this weekend to look for a new routine. As of yet I have not been able to get into a CrossFit gym(box), but it’s still on the to do list. So today I checked out The Traveling WOD. They provide daily workouts in the CrossFit style that are mostly bodyweight and can be done from home or my apartment gym.

The workout today was 200 squats for time. Seeing that I looked at past workouts looking for something easier (there’s that sandbagging again). Ultimately I decided to go with todays workout. The sandbagging has to stop somewhere. And the workout wasn’t as bad as I expected. I finished faster than I expected, and feeling better than I expected. In the end there was no reason to turn away from it, I would have to something similar, or exactly the same at some point in time anyway.

Tonight for dinner we had curried acorn squash with quinoa and brown rice. The farmers market has sadly come to an end. There is a winter market that is no substitute. Winter squash are still easy to find! We didn’t have enough rice so we threw some quinoa in the mix. Delicious and high in protein.



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