A day off

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November 7, 2012 by saltdogsducttape

Today was an unintentional rest day. I didn’t schedule it that way. I had every intention of working out, I just didn’t. I was a little under the weather and just chose not to workout. Unfortunately I’ve been down this road before. Everything is going well, then I take a day off, then another, and then I’m off track. Tomorrow I’ve gotta make sure to get back at it.

After a scheduled rest day, getting back to a workout is usually pretty easy. My plan to get back in the routine is to try and hit it hard tomorrow. On the schedule is a family run in the morning, Adrienne and me and the dogs. In the afternoon I plan on seeing what The Traveling WOD has in store for me.

There was some kind of power surge here yesterday and as a result our oven doesn’t work so tomorrow’s pizza night may need to be rescheduled. The range works fine so for dinner we had polenta with sauteed vegetables and fried eggs. We dove right in and didn’t have time to take a picture.



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