Is there a “best” way to eat?

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February 11, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

This blog, and our daily lives, almost took a major turn this week. Adrienne and I were kicking around the idea of starting the Zone diet. The goal of the Zone diet is to balance your intake levels of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. This in turn balances your hormone and blood sugar levels. Food is scaled and measured to make sure you don’t take in any more than will sustain lean muscle and exercise.

After a month at CrossFit Emergence, I’m feeling really good. I’m getting stronger, my endurance is improving, and I’m starting to look leaner. As is typical with competitive personalities (me) a little improvement is not enough. All results need to appear now. Hence the Zone.

Like with anything in the fitness community, people have very strong opinions. There are good, bad,  and nasty things written about the Zone. I decided to try it for myself to see if it would work for me. After hours of trying to get our typical menu which usually has a lot of variety into the Zone blocks, we decided it wasn’t for us.

Having never actually eaten within the Zone standards, here’s what I learned.

  • After spending time trying to figure out portions and blocks, I think that the portion control in the Zone is something that I can benefit from. 
  • It seemed like I could either spend hours every week trying to alter my menu, or eat the same thing all the time. I didn’t like those options.
  • I like the idea of making sure that every meal and snack has carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fat, even if I don’t have Zone portions.
  • We eat high quality food, we exercise, I need to be more patient and stick with the program.
  • For the right people it does produce results. 

There is not much better on a cold cloudy day than a bowl of Pho. Noodles, tofu, cilantro, a spicy broth that warms you to the core. Here’s an easy recipe that we use!

photo (9)

Have you tried any new diets or meal plans lately? How did they turn out?


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