The little things, aren’t always so little.


March 19, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

If you’re read any of the posts on this blog the you probably already know this, I like CrossFit. I really like it. For a lot of reasons, the community, the results, the programing (at Crossfit Emergence, not necessarily HQ), and the aspects that make it like a sport. I also feel like I’m getting better at it. I have gotten stronger and my conditioning has improved, but so has my technique on many of the complicated Olympic lifts.

That’s what makes this so hard to say. I have bad form.

On Monday the WOD was 4 rounds for time of:

  • 3 Hang Power Cleans 95
  • 8 Pull-ups
  • 10 Wallball shots 20

I used 95 pounds for the work out. Not and unreasonable weight and certainly a weight I feel comfortable with. The first two rounds went really smoothly. And then in the third, my form went to crap. This is a typical criticism of Crossift, that Olympic lifts aren’t meant to be done as part of a conditioning program. This was my fault though.

I let my pride and competitive side get the better of me when I should have taken a step back. Lesson learned. While the WODs are sometimes short and intense, this isn’t about quick gains it’s about a healthy lifestyle. Props to the Coach for pointing this out and doing some technique work after the WOD. Now I just need to be a little more mindful in the future and not worry so much about one WOD, because there’s another one tomorrow.

photo (12)

I’m not a huge fan of sweet potatoes. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have a place in my diet. Sometimes they are just a little too sweet. Solution? Add beef, soy sauce, and sriracha sauce, and you have a great stir-fry! Just the right amount of sweet! I imagine that this would also qualify as Paleo? I’m not an expert, it is good though.


One thought on “The little things, aren’t always so little.

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