Whole30: Day 1


April 1, 2013 by saltdogsducttape


This is the first day, of my first Whole30 attempt. So far so good, I’ve made it ten hours! The Whole30 Challenge is 30 days on the Whole9 diet which is based on the Paleo diet. The quick and dirty description (stolen from their website) is: Eat real food.

It’s as simple (or not) as that. No added sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, MSG, or white potatoes. While this might be too restrictive for a long term diet, the thirty days is meant to be a reset for your body. Check out their website if you’re interested. They have several web based Whole 30s throughout the year. You can start anytime, it might just be easier with other people. There are also plenty of people blogging about it if you want to join in.

Our diet has been pretty clean for the last two years or so. While we were living in Vermont we took extra time to cook from scratch and we generally don’t buy processed foor (I have a weakness for chips and salsa). So I thought this would be easy, just changing up a couple of things. Well I almost stumbled while I was getting dinner ready. I had planned to make a Chipotle Chicken Tortilla-less soup. A quick look at the ingredients in the chicken broth revealed cane sugar (not sure why you need sugar in chicken broth). So scratch that idea. It goes to show that food producers, even reputable organic “natural” ones, sneak sugar and other things into your food and you may not even know it.

photo (19)

Because of that I had to rearrange my dinner. I changed to having shredded chicken lettuce wraps, pretty much just tacos with lettuce as the shell instead of a tortilla. This allowed my to use all the ingredients I had (minus the broth). A quick tip is to overlap two leafs of lettuce going opposite directions so it holds up a little better.


3 thoughts on “Whole30: Day 1

  1. Monika Latorre says:

    I am not nearly as healthy or determined as you but try making your own stock and freezing it the way YOU need it. I do it for beef, chicken and veggie, and it is the best, but then I go and ruin it with Sazon Goya (Latin people will get that part)and some other secret ingredients from Abuelita. But at the end it’s your creation, your recipe, I just recently learned to just let go and do stuff without a book,win some fail some, my family is the test group and so far so good! Your blog is awesome!

    • I think I’m going to be making stock and some different hot sauces this weekend. So far the only one I have on hand that was approved was Frank’s Original, it has it’s place but it wasn’t my first choice. It’s a good thing this only lasts 30 days!

  2. […] started the new year with a Whole30. This is now the third Whole30 that I have done. Generally I don’t start the new year with resolutions and while this resembles […]

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