Motivation v. the “bonk”


April 5, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

Yesterday started with a bang! My dog, Hudson, decided to run away. There’s is a nice bike path along the river where we go running a lot. He is a dog with a lot of energy and I usually let him off his leash during our runs. Most of the time this is not a issue. Yesterday, he decided to have a grand ole time on the town. Fortunately someone found him and called.

This was also the forth day of my Whole30. After nearly 10 miles of bike riding in search of a frolicking dog I expected to crash, hard. But I didn’t. I guess it goes to show, that if properly motivated it doesn’t matter how groggy you feel. Mind over matter, or in this case panic. He was fine by the way and has been sleeping soundly after his adventure.

For the past five weeks the CrossFit open has been going on. This week is the fifth and final WOD and it looks brutal.

4 Minute A.M.R.A.P.

  • 15 Thrusters (100/65)
  • 15 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

If you get 90 reps (3 rounds) in four minutes, add another four minutes. Continue that cycle.

Yeah, I didn’t do that. Since I’ve only been doing CrossFit for three months and I’m not doing the Open I did a modified version of this.

8 Minute A.M.R.A.P.

  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 8 Thrusters (75)
  • 300 Meter row

It was a tough workout, but I did pretty well. I was hoping to do better and after the WOD I found myself saying “well I should have expected this on day 5 of Whole30.” Then I thought, “what about yesterday?” It was just a matter of motivation.

One of my favorite dinners ever is breakfast. Last night was sweet potato hash with eggs and homemade sausage. In the hash I had baked sweet potato, onion, red pepper, and some celery. The sausage is really simple, just ground pork with your choice of spices. There was even enough to have breakfast for dinner, for breakfast.

photo (22)


2 thoughts on “Motivation v. the “bonk”

  1. Brinner is the best. We ended up having some sort of last minute stir fry pesto egg thing last night… it was sort of a stir fry and sort of an omelette, either way it was pretty good for being whipped up at 9PM… Gotta get better at this planning thing 🙂

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