Little changes are big


April 8, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

The first week of Whole30 is behind me. Overall I think that the next three weeks are doable. The premis of the diet is to eat only whole foods for thirty days, which is basically our diet anyway. That’s not to say there weren’t some tough spots. There are a few other restrictions, no added sugar, no grains, no alcohol. No Thursday Pizza night, no bers while watching March Madness, no going to the brewery (breweries are a big deal in Missoula), no cookies from Bernice’s.

Having made it through the first quarter gives me a lot of confidence about the rest of the Whole30. The biggest thing is making it through the adjustment period and knowing what works. Like having strawberries on hand for when an after dinner desert craving hits.

In just week I have gotten thinner, but the interesting part is how my diet has changed. I’ve said before that we have a pretty healthy diet. We eat mostly vegetarian, lean diets, low in sugar, hardly any processed foods, when I do eat meat it’s lean and humane.  In this last week I have eliminated a lot of things from my diet, most of those things had added sugar which I never noticed before. I also ate two bananas last week, the first two in over 20 years. Those strawberries I mentioned? The first in more than a year.

I’m also eating a lot more meat, which at first was a little overwhelming. I spent so much time reincorporating meat into my diet that I forgot about sides. I noticed that the amount of produce that I was eating went way down because they weren’t the base of my diet anymore. This isn’t necessarily what Whole30 calls for but it’s how my diet changed.  This next week I think I will have a much better time making produce, especially vegetables, a bigger part of my diet.

photo (23)

I stole a recipe from nom nom paleo for “Damn Fine Chicken” which turned out awesome! It was really easy to put together the marinade in the morning and let the chicken sit all day. Drumsticks are also significantly cheaper than chicken breasts, which is mostly what I ate last week. To save time the rest of the week and have some for lunch I made a big pan. There’s some cabbage and carrot coleslaw on the side.


5 thoughts on “Little changes are big

  1. The chicken looks awesome! 🙂

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  3. I need to make veggies more of a priority too! And yeah, strawberries taste like dessert now 🙂

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