Whole30: Day 29

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April 29, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

My first Whole30 is coming to an end. For the last week I have been looking forward to day thirty. Looking forward to pizza. Looking forward to a beer. Looking forward to some flexibility in my diet. Now with one day left, I’m a little nervous.

The first couple days of Whole30 are tough and even a little daunting. After you’re past the first couple days of Whole30 it gets easy, and dare I say, comfortable. It may not seem like it, but having a list of “don’t eats” is really kind of freeing. Yeah you have to make changes to some recipes, and yeah there are some cravings. If you already cook a lot, changing recipes and finding substitues isn’t difficult. The cravings go a way and you find ways to satisfy them.

At this point in Whole30, it feels good to know that everything you are eating is good for you. I feel good, I’m performing at a high level, and I don’t have to justify any food decisions. Before I’ve even eaten a burrito, or some chocolate, or had a beer I am already trying to justify it. “Well it’s been 30 days!” “I’m going to WOD tomorrow.” “I walk four miles a day (to and from work and with the dog).” I haven’t had to do that in thirty days. When everything in the pantry is good for you, it doesn’t matter (as much) how much you eat.

I have been really impressed by the results I have gotten from Whole30. Going back to my normal diet, while it is overall healthy, some of those gains will be lost. I hope that I am able to keep most of the diet lessons I have learned. About half way through this month I got “It Starts With Food,” I haven’t had a chance to ready it but will be picking it up soon. That should help keep healthy choices on the front burner. If I get too far off track, I can always do Whole30 again.

photo (30)

These lettuce tacos have become one of my staples this past month. These are one of the things that I will try to keep as a regular part of my diet. It’s just as easy as using tortillas. While there is a time and place for tortillas, I don’t need them every day. The filling in this one is oven braised beef. It was really simple, and made plenty for leftovers.


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