Whole30: Completed

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May 1, 2013 by saltdogsducttape


Over the past thirty days, I have tried to eat as “clean” as possible. No grains, no sugar, no legumes, no dairy, no alcohol. Thirty days ago this list was really intimidating. Over the last thirty days,not only did I finish the program, but I learned a lot that I hope I can continue.

This was the first “diet” that I have ever attempted. The great thing about this one is that it’s not really a diet. The goal is to make healthy decisions part of your lifestyle. I look at the last thirty days, not like a diet, but as a lifestyle correction.

Last night, after my last official dinner on Whole30, I started thinking “What will I eat tomorrow?” After a month of eating a certain way, building habits and routines, explaining myself, Whole30 wasn’t that bad. Sure it was a little limiting, but you get used to it. And once you just accept peoples questions (there will be questions) and explain it to them, it doesn’t seem all that weird.

So, what will I eat today? Or tomorrow? Next month? I am going to do my best to continue what I learned on Whole30. It may sounds obvious, but maintenance a restrictive diet changes what you want to eat. Now that the month is over, and I can eat whatever I please, there are things I don’t want to eat. At least not as often. Yeah I’ll splurge every now and again, I’ll have a beer, and I’ll also continue to eat healthy.

Yes, Whole30 is over for me. I will probably do it again. I lost weight, I feel healthy, and I felt good knowing that I was “putting good in.” There’s no reason that I should lose the gains. What will I eat today? Probably the same thing (in spirit) that I ate yesterday, and wash it down with some homebrewed beer.

Until the next Whole30.


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