Time for a change

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May 16, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

Change is a good thing, if not a difficult one. After a great year in Missoula, Montana, I am moving North Carolina at the end of the month. At first this seemed like a difficult decision. The opportunity came up in December and I was reluctant to fully consider it, and I’m glad I stayed here. I was able to be a part of some amazing things at work that I am very proud of and that I would not have been able to get that experience any other way. Change, especially big change, has a way of causing one to reflect.

It will be hard to leave, but I’m excited to head back East and be closer to family. I am also incredibly thankful for my time in Missoula. Aside from the professional experience that I gained, my time here will have huge impacts on my life going forward. It’s hard to believe we’ve been here a year. It’s also hard to believe that I have only been CrossFitting for six months and been focusing on a clean diet for only three months.

What’s hard to believe about those last two things is that I didn’t do them sooner. I’ll admit, there was a little bit of “I don’t need to do that stuff,” “I’m not that out of shape,” “Those people are crazy!” standing in my way. And, yes I need to do this stuff, I was that out of shape, and these people are crazy.

A year ago, I wasn’t at my heaviest but I was close,  on daily medication for a mild heart condition, running three miles took two days to recover, and chronic knee pain had bigger impacts than I would care to admit. I had a healthy diet but still had issues with boredom eating, and really no idea what kind of nutrition my body needed.

It’s amazing how quickly things can change once you set your mind to change them. When I started going to CrossFit Emergence (awesome people, both coaches and members) health and fitness concerns impacted nearly every decision I made. The idea of squatting my body weight free of knee pain seemed like a joke. Even funnier was the idea of being able to do pull-ups. Those are both a reality now.

I also never realized how much my “healthy” diet was affecting me. That may seem silly, but I would wager that most people don’t understand how their diet affects their daily life. I finished Whole30 over a week ago (something I thought was completely unnecessary six months ago), and my diet has changed very little since it ended. I just feel better.

So while I am sad to be leaving Missoula, and not looking forward to packing and driving a truck across the country, I am really happy to be moving forward with the way my lifestyle has changed. Maybe it would have changed if I had been somewhere else, but now I just have to bring it with me to the new places that I am going.


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