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June 11, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

This is my first post from my new location. Adrienne, the dogs, and I are now in Huntersville, NC, just north of Charlotte. Another big move, another new beginning. The first order of business upon getting here was finding a new box (CrossFit speak for a gym). Lucky us, North Carolina is full of them! We found one we like about a half mile from the house.

My last WOD at CrossFit Emergence, in Missoula, was also the first one that I did completely RXd (as it’s written on the whiteboard, without scaling). I was a little worried that after sitting in a U-Haul for four days and after finishing Whole30 I would see a huge drop in performance. Exactly the opposite has happened.

In the past week I’ve PRd in squat clean, 5k run, and Cindy. After thinking about this a little, here’s what I think happened. First, I didn’t eat junk food on the road. Before leaving Montana I packed a cooler with roasted chicken, fruits, vegetables, and hard boiled eggs. Instead of eating chips for lunch I brought it with me. This made it really easy to eat healthy on the road, and when I got here jumping into the middle of Adrienne’s vegetarian Whole30 was pretty easy.

Second, I think the week long rest was really good for me. Four days on the road and then a day or two here completely off. When I got to North Carolina I started running before I went back to CrossFit which helped me to ease back in. It just shows that every once and a while allowing your body time to recover can help you move forward.

It’s also really important to take time to improve your form and technique  Moving from one box to another I didn’t have to take time to learn again or go through their On Ramp. It just shows the importance of going to a box that teaches good technique.

Taking time off (and moving across the country) doesn’t mean that you have to take a step back. Even though you may be forced to take some time off, keeping your diet under control and taking advantage of the rest time can give you a huge boost.


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