Change eventually becomes normal, eventually.

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June 21, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

I’ve been in North Carolina for about two weeks now. Things have been going pretty well but there is still a good bit of adjusting going on. Apparently uprooting your life is difficult. Aside from adjusting to the heat, humidity, and traffic, things are going pretty well. We found a new box not far form our house and have been able to get into a pretty good CrossFit routine again, which has helped the transition. We even go Adrienne’s twin sister to start going with us.

I’ve also been running a lot more than I was in Montana. While Missoula had a great running culture and plenty of places to run I just never became engaged. SInce being here we’ve run two races, a 5K and a trial 6K, and go to a weekly running club at a local brewery. I never was much of a runner, mostly because I was never really good at it. Now that I’ve dropped the extra weight and have stronger knees and ankels I’m having a really good time. The plan is to train for a half marathon in October.

Since things have been a little crazy, adjusting from the move, working and looking for work, I am going to work on some short term and long term goals to keep me on track. Now that our fitness routine is feeling like a good, workable routine I’ve gotta get everything else back on track.

Happy Midsummer!


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