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June 24, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

Starting my first Whole30 was daunting. In practice it wasn’t a huge change, but the small extra steps it took to be really compliant seemed tough. I was going to be starting and completing Whole30 by myself. I had some support from other bloggers (The Ascent Blog, Snowfox Bandit) who were doing it at the same time but as far as in person support, I was on my own.

We all know I finished and I loved it. Adrienne started her first Whole30 when I was about half way through and got her sister to join her. Now that all three of us are in North Carolina we have decided to stick with the paleo diet. We even bought a paleo cookbook this weekend. We decided to stick with it because we were all feeling pretty good and with a support system it really hasn’t been all that difficult.

Now that we are done with Whole30 though we have been trying to add some things back in that were just flat out cheats. One of Adrienne and my favorites, which you probably know from older posts, is pizza night. This, besides craft beer, was the first thing we brought back.

For the past two weeks we have pizza night. It’s always a lot of fun. The problem is that the next morning we all feel terrible. Really terrible. Adrienne has told me for a long time that she thought I had a gluten sensitivity, of course I never wanted to believe that. Now that I have gotten used to not being gassy and feeling like crap all the time, when it hits it hits hard.

Before the last pizza night we were talking about how we had all been having a lot of little “cheats” lately, but the will power just want there. After this last pizza night I think our resolve is there to keep our diets much stricter. It’s just not worth the hours of discomfort the next day.

We aren’t giving up on pizza night that easy though. Pizza night was literally one of Adrienne and my first dates. This week we have found a couple of different gluten-free, paleo approved dough recipes that we will be experimenting with. Look for some reviews and hopefully our own recipe at some point.

photo 2

Sunday food prep for the week goes much faster with more hands. Everyone has a jod, see Adrienne for your assignment.



2 thoughts on “Sticking with paleo

  1. Rogue and I have been trying to stick to mostly paleo after our Whole30, too. With the exception of the occasional beer or ice cream treat — it is summer, after all!

    If you’re looking for more paleo recipe ideas, is where we go for much of our meal planning! It gathers great paleo/primal recipes from around the web in one convenient place. 🙂 Last week we had a bacon/hard-boiled egg/avocado/tomato salad from Mark’s Daily Apple that was just AMAZING.

    • Thanks for that website. Adrienne is a vegetarian as well so most recipes have to be tweaked a little bit.

      We found some coconut milk ice cream that does the trick for most sweet treat cravings. The beer is not going anywhere though. I can live with the consequences.

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