Paleo-ish, and I’m fine with that

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June 28, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

I’m not sure if it’s like this for everyone. When I started doing CrossFit, and again when I did Whole30, I noticed that I became very opinionated about what other people were doing. It was more than just comparing myself to other people at the box; who “won” the workout or where I was on the record board. I honestly felt like I knew better than other people.

Before you get mad, at least I am admitting it now.

I noticed this again the other day when eating with some non-paleo people, I felt the urge to tell them what they should be eating and why they would be better off. Pretty terrible, right?

Then everything changed. Someone judged me.

If you follow my instagram (evan_pollitt) you saw a picture of an awesome strawberry cupcake that Adrienne’s sister made. They had no sugar, no wheat flour, no rice flour, no dairy. Heck they even came form a paleo cookbook. As far as I was concerned they were paleo and I was happy to eat them. I also tagged them as #paleo. This is where I got some push back. It kinda shocked me that people would be critical of a cupcake that met all the guidelines that I had been following on my paleo diet.

The cupcakes that started this rant.

The cupcakes that started this rant.

After I took a deep breath and tried to justify why a cupcake was paleo, it hit me, this is my paleo diet, and cupcakes fit into that every once and a while. Beer fit’s into that a little more often. I homebrew and don’t plan on stopping (cream ale on tap, Belgian wit in the fermenter). My paleo diet is fine with that. I’m not an expert and don’t claim to be perfect. I am happy to talk about paleo and CrossFit and share my own experiences, but that’s about all I can do.

“Ooooohh,” said Evan. Thinking back to a couple of times where I might have come off as an arrogant CrossFitter who trolls message boards (I don’t really). Beyond paleo I could also thing of some times in the box where I could have been more excited for people who finished before me, and more supportive of people who finished after me. How did this happen? I have no idea but it’s gonna stop.

My goal is to provide support to the people who want it, advice when I ask for it. Cheer until the last person is done and then help them clean up. Since I’ve been doing this not only am I happier, I feel a lot more confident in my own approach to health and fitness. In short; more helping, less judging.

Check back later for the cupcake recipe.


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