Summer so far

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July 9, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

Ahhh summer. What a wonderful time to relax, sit by the pool, make homebrew, drink homebrew. Sound lazy? It kinda is and it kinda isn’t. Here’s a little bit of my summer so far, and some of what’s in store.

To start with we have been doing a lot of CrossFit. I’ve been getting to four WODs a week; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. I’ve also been running a good bit more than I was in Montana. Last week was 4-5 miles Tuesday and Thursday, 3 miles Wednesday and Saturday, and 6-7 miles Sunday. At first I was worried about burning out or feeling fatigued all the time but haven’t had any issues yet. Lots of mobility work and eating right has helped. Adrienne and I are ramping up to start training for a half marathon in September so it won’t slow down anytime soon.

Mind and body goodness!

Mind and body goodness!

With all that working out recovery, physical and mental, are important. We have been able to go on a couple of hikes so far this summer which the dogs appreciate. Dylan won’t sleep until all the squirrels are off the ground. Last weekend Adrienne and I took our bikes to Asheville to do our own brewery tour and found an awesome taco shop.

Foggy 4th of July hike

Foggy 4th of July hike

Next month Adrienne and I will be back in Montana for a week long backpacking trip. Hopefully there will be some successful fly fishing as well.

All the hiking and running has made Dylan very hungry

All the hiking and running has made Dylan very hungry

Follow the rest of our summer here!



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