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July 10, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

I want to start this post by thanking Glenn at Glenn’s Take for taking the time to find my blog and nominate it for a Leibster Award. This is an award for bloggers with under 200 followers, given by other bloggers. If nothing else it is nice to have recognition for all the work I have put in. Thank you to everyone who reads salt, dogs, and duct tape.


The Liebster Award has some requirements in an effort to help other small bloggers gain recognition for their hard work. So here goes.

Eleven random facts about me:

1) I have lived in six states (TX, FL, VT, OR, MT, NC).

2) I have lived in two countries, USA and Chile.

3) I am an Eagle Scout.

4) My dogs favorite snacks are carrots, sweet potatoes, and kale.

5) I snowboarded for about four years, switched to skiing four years ago and not going back.

6) I have been all-grain homebrewing for almost five years.

7) Grits, collard greens, and ham might be the perfect meal.

8) I prefer team sports to individual ones, which may be why I prefer CrossFit to working out alone.

9) My favorite color is purple.

10) I love blueberries. Disclaimer, my folks own a blueberry farm.

11) I have two younger siblings.

Eleven questions asked of me by the awarding blogger

1) Do you have ambitions for your blog? If so, what are they? I would like my blog to continue to grow. Ultimately I would like it to be a resource for people interested in beginning their fitness journey.

2) What are your top 3 movies of all time? The Way of the Gun, Strangers on a Train, Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

3) Do you read novels?   What genre? I prefer non-fiction.

4) If you could go back in time, would you change anything? No.

5) Have you ever smoked?  If so, why did you start?  If you’ve quit, why? Yes, in college. I thought it was what the cool kids were doing. I quit because it’s disgusting.

6) iPhone or Samsung? I have an iPhone.

7) Dogs or cats? Obviously dogs.

8) What’s your Fran time? I’ve never done Fran, I’m looking forward to it though.

9) What motivates you at work? Improving.

10) What do you do when not at your day job? CrossFit, running, brewing, hiking, cooking.

11) If you saw a dog in a hot parked car – what would you do? Depends I guess. Wait for the owner and call the cops.

Thanks again to everyone who reads this. I hope that you learned a little bit about me that you didn’t know before. I will post my questions and eleven other blogs with under 200 followers soon!


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