Three week 5K training plan


November 6, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

It’s been a while since I ran the Davidson Run for Green half marathon. Running isn’t my favorite activity, but I really like having an event to train for. Races are pretty easy to find and good for goal setting. Since starting CrossFit my running has seen huge improvements, so while it’s not my preferred exercise, it is nice to compare to where I was before a year ago.

At the end of the month we will be running the Summit Coffee Twilight 5k benefiting Movember. (You can also support the cause here.) I set a pretty ambitious goal of sub-21:00.



Here’s the plan we are going to follow to hopefully get there. After yesterdays sprints though my legs were feeling it during snatch technique work this morning (and 100 slamballs). A lot of extra mobility work was required to keep things feeling loose.

It became painfully obvious that I need mobility work this morning when I had to bail on several snatch attempts because my hips were too stiff. I figured this would be something i would need to work on as I started ramping up my Oly lifting, but I wasn’t really aware of where I was. I guess that’s why it pays to step outside of your comfort zone every once and a while. It makes your weaknesses much more apparent.

How are your goals progressing?What steps are you taking to get there?


5 thoughts on “Three week 5K training plan

  1. I’ve been doing travel WODs at home recently in hopes that it will improve my running, but for now I’m just sore in ways I never knew…haha

    • Running improvements were kind of a happy side effect. Better core stability, endurance, and mobility all helped. I started with bodyweight WODs and it helped a ton! Keep it up!
      Do you have any races upcoming?

  2. playfulpups says:

    Great (and ambitious) training plan! Good luck on hitting your goal time!! 🙂

  3. […] are in the last week of our 5K training plan and so far things have been going pretty well. I’m not sure if I will hit the rather […]

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