Not all that glitters is fun


November 7, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

We do a pretty fair amount of training. Between CrossFit and running we seldom have a day where we are completely “off.” Some days are considerably lighter than others, but everyday has running, or CrossFit, or both. Now that we have started our 5K training those lighter days are going to be limited for a couple of weeks.

About halfway through my half marathon training I ended up having to skip a couple of days due to achilles pain. CrossFit was one of the reasons that I was able to hit my goal in the half. When I couldn’t run I could still row, squat, and lift. This allowed me to keep my conditioning up while resting my achilles and correcting the issue. While that worked out well, I’d like to avoid any complications this time. Especially with such a short timeframe.

Since ramping up our running intensity my legs have been tired to say the least. That’s nothing new really, but not having a deload day is a little daunting, there is not a lot of room for error. To avoid overtraining (and injury) I’m paying a lot more attention to the small stuff, the stuff that’s not exciting but important.

So far I’ve increased my post workout mobility work, which wasn’t hard to do because it didn’t really exist before. While I’m always glad for time on the foam roller, after the fact, frankly it’s not fun and usually kind of painful. It’s not fun, but you gotta do it. I’ve also been able to get eight hours of sleep a couple of times this week. During sleep is when your body releases growth hormone which is crucial for recovery. Since starting our training plan I have been hungry, almost constantly. I have no problem embracing this; work hard, eat big.

It’s not fun, but it’s usually the things that no one can see that make you better.



4 thoughts on “Not all that glitters is fun

  1. It’s all about recovery… recovery is what builds muscle. I roll on a massive PVC pipe before and after every workout, follow it with about 20 mins of stretching, and finish with about 5 mins of double-unders. I suggest casein before bed (to keep your body from going catabolic at night), and about 3 metric shit tons of water throughout the day. Furthermore, sleep is THE most important weapon in your recovery arsenal. 8 hours MINIMUM!!! As for eating big… that’s tough.. and an issue that I continue to work on every day. I keep whole wheat bread (not that enriched crap), peanut butter, apples, and granola bars in my desk at work. I’ve gained a reputation for constantly keeping peanut butter on my desk and eating spoonfuls throughout the day.

    • I used to be a lot more dedicated to mobility and recovery. It makes a huge difference though so I’m glad I’m making time for it now. I usually have a protein shake after working out.
      The eight hours feels like a lot! I usually do pretty well with 5-6 hours a night. I gotta say I’m feeling pretty good after a couple nights of eight hours.
      I’ve been trying to eat pretty clean along paleo guidelines to no bread or peanut butter. I’ve been trying to have two medium sized lunches with chicken salad, apple sauce, vegetables, instead of one big lunch. So far it seems to be helping.

      • Nice. I was eating 2 slices of bread for lunch and no other simple carbs all day. Got pretty shredded pretty quick… but I decided that (with my body type) adding weight was more important than cutting every ounce of body fat. So, I added more carbs and a few sugars.

      • Yeah I’m in kind of the opposite position. I put on some pounds during law school so getting back to a healthy weight was one of my goals.
        Congrats on that back squat PR last week too!

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