5K training plan update

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November 18, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

We are in the last week of our 5K training plan and so far things have been going pretty well. I’m not sure if I will hit the rather ambitious goal of a sub 21:00 5K, but I feel good while training and think I will have a strong race. This is the second race that I have trained for where CrossFit is a major part of the regimen, the first being a half marathon.

At times the two may not seem complimentary, I know that CrossFit has dramatically improved my distance running and visa versa. For instance, improved core strength has helped me maintain a more efficient posture on long runs. During my half marathon training I had a mild achilles injury that made running painful, but I was able to continue conditioning work and finished training without missing too much.

So far by managing rest, mobility, diet, hydration, and listening to my legs I have avoided overtraining. Most days for either CrossFit or running I feel fresh and ready to go. There have been two days in the past two weeks where I have spontaneously decided to take a day off. If you are like me it is difficult to schedule a rest day and stick to it, especially if you feel good. Having these spontaneous days, when my legs had extra Jell-o, really made me take them seriously. Those days involved extra mobility work, and serious attention to work load.

After our race on Saturday I’m sure that our weekly milage will dip for a week or so. After a week or so of recovery I imagine that we will be looking for another race to train for (Adrienne said something about a marathon, I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention), likely that plan will include CrossFit as well. Even if we don’t start another training plan, I imagine that we will again begin ramping up milage in addition to CrossFit.

What does CrossFit make you better at? Was there an adjustment period where you didn’t think you could do both?


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