Knowing your limits, or limiting yourself?

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November 20, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

Today’s WOD was Grace, 30 clean and jerks at 135# for men. Technically this was optional because we did a lot of clean and jerk technique work before that, but come on, what would you rather do at 6:00am than Olympic lifts? The last time I did Grace I scaled the weight to 115# and finished in 4:16. Again I scaled to 115#; I finished in 4:15. Same effort, same results.

I felt pretty good about this. Standing around the whiteboard chatting afterward I felt good. The last time I did grace was only a couple of weeks ago. Not much had changed, why should my time have changed. (I also have an excuse for taking it easy as I have a race on Saturday.) All this ended when a coach said quietly “Evan, you know you should have done 135#.”

I scoffed. No way could I have done that. It would have taken me a good bit longer and I wouldn’t be able to string together as many reps. Thinking about it now, that probably would have been ok. Everyone has an idea of their own limitations and Grace fit mine perfectly.

My idea of how I should perform also got in my way. I wanted to finish in around four minutes and be able to string together multiple reps. I focused on those factors instead of pushing as hard as I could. Performing Rx’ed, even if it took a couple of minutes more, would have been better. I worked hard, but I didn’t push myself. Next time.

Have you held yourself back? When did you realize it?


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