Eating Season update: Things are good!

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December 9, 2013 by saltdogsducttape

This is my first holiday season following a workout regimen and diet plan. It was shortly after the new year that I started doing CrossFit and a couple of months after that when I started paying attention to my diet. There are times when eating paleo and getting to the gym are difficult, but the holiday season presents a special challenge.

Going into Thanksgiving I was worried that I would take a big step back; taking time off, eating to burst, throwing paleo to the wind. After Thanksgiving, I gotta say I’m feeling pretty good about Christmas and in general about major breaks from our routine. After thinking about it I think I’ve got a list of what worked for me and an idea of how to not get derailed in the future.

  1. Do what you can. If you’re used to working out everyday, a four day vacation can be hard to bear. Doing what you can, even if it’s not what you normally do can make a big difference. Over Thanksgiving I did some farm work, including lifting a 500# log with my brother (partner deadlift).
  2. Try and get one in one workout close to your normal intensity. We visited CrossFit Gainesville the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Getting in an intense workout made coming back to our routine on Monday a lot easier.
  3. Fill up on “good” food. At nearly any meal there is food that won’t mess up what ever diet plan you’re following. Load up the healthy stuff and then just eat enough of the other stuff to get the taste of it.
  4. Eat the “bad” stuff. It’s a celebration, have a piece of pie, maybe some mac and cheese. The idea of filling up on the “good” stuff is that you won’t go crazy on the “bad” stuff.
  5. Have a plan for getting back on track. Having a big weekend and eating “bad” stuff isn’t that big of a deal. Letting that weekend throw you off track and not getting back to it could be a big deal.

This worked for me and hopefully will make Christmas a breeze. Being able to take a break and then come back to the gym and the kitchen was a lot better for me than abstaining form all the good food or feeling guilty about eating it.


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