i’m not a runner.

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March 20, 2016 by saltdogsducttape

12832546_10209338104435609_3529496343027966789_n“i’m not a runner. i just run a lot.” this has been a common refrain for me. at work or at parties anytime someone asks “oh, so you’re a runner?” this was my answer. even after marathons, half-marathons, ultra-marathons, various “k’s;” i’m just a guy who runs a lot. i’m not a runner.

part of the reason for this attitude is that i’m pretty new to the sport. i had run occasionally as a fitness regime but never signed up for races, or talked about races i wanted to do. every distance was new. your first race at a new distance is always a pr.

i ran the tobacco road marathon last weekend. it was the most miserable and disappointing race of my short amateur career. now i think, i am a runner.

everything was shaping up to be a great day. training went well, i felt great morning of, i was ahead of pace through the first half. then i fell apart.the race was very well organized and supported, it’s a race i would consider doing again. maybe it was the weather (a little warm, VERY humid). maybe it was something else but i was happy jus too finish, even if it was 30 minutes behind my goal.

it wasn’t running another marathon that has me reconsidering this tried and true answer. it wasn’t the hours and miles. it wasn’t the training schedule and recovery plan. i realized it was because of disapointment. then again on the ride home, thinking about what race to sign up for next.


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