30 days after Whole30

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March 23, 2017 by saltdogsducttape

I started the new year with a Whole30. This is now the third Whole30 that I have done. Generally I don’t start the new year with resolutions and while this resembles one, I’m gonna say it isn’t.  Cliched as it may be, starting the year like this does help with focus and intentionality. I’ve written about Whole30 before, this time I’m writing about the Next30.
I’m happy to say that since finishing Whole30 I have been able to keep good habits. For me, changing habits is the most important factor of a Whole30. While weight loss is more a result of changing patterns than it is the goal of the program. In the past month I have tried to focus on a couple of the new habits that seemed to help me the most.
First, I eat filling meals at mealtimes. That means I eat a pretty big breakfast everyday. Two to three eggs, sweet potatoes, kale, and peppers usually fill me up for a while. My goal is be be comfortable until lunch time and not eat a mid morning snack. Similarly for lunch I try to be full a the end and don’t eat again until dinner. If I run or climb I will eat a snack, usually fruit and almond butter, before going.
This has eliminated mindless eating. Grazing throughout the day usually lead me to overeating. Second, I don’t think about being hungry or what I might eat for meals nearly as much. This has greatly reduced cravings for snack foods.
The second habit that has carried over is meal prep. Meal prep is one of the crucial components of successfully completing a Whole30. Each week we create a menu and spend an afternoon getting everything ready for the week. Having dinner ingredients already prepared when you get home from a long day makes your week easier. It also makes it easier to create those filling breakfasts and lunches.
After finishing a Whole30 it won’t take long to get back to where you started if you revert back to those same behaviors. For me one of the big benefits of the program isn’t the weight loss but the opportunity to reset your routine. Maintaining just these two new habits has helped me maintain the weight loss results of Whole30 even though we’re not following the program anymore (i.e. drinking beers).
Have you tried a Whole30?
What did you’re Next30 look like?

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